• removed a check on length state code which falsed on countries like France, Spain and Australia
  • temporarily removed preview page since it incorrectly deleted files


  • fixed the newly added state transient because it was overriding the countries transient
  • added an option to delete all transients, if needed

Forgot to change version + release date in readme.


  • changed typo in Dutch translation
  • added 'bolding' to current page in admin menu
  • added a transient for states per country to speed up state retrieval
  • added more hooks 'to hook into'
    • acfcs_after_success_country_remove
    • acfcs_after_success_file_upload
    • acfcs_after_success_file_delete
    • acfcs_after_success_import_nuke

Made the field work in all field types.


  • Added the option to add a single field to flexible content blocks.
  • Added the option to delete a country at once through the admin pages.
  • Added a page in the admin which contains which packages are available.
  • Added a filter to set a default delimiter.
  • Added a filter to set a different line length.
  • 'Remember' verified file on dashboard.
  • 'Remember' search values on search page.


  • Added the option to set a default country (for single fields/in groups/in repeaters).
  • Changed state length to 3 charcters for Australia and some other countries.
  • Added optgroups to the state dropdown in the admin search.

Forgot to change version.

Hotfix to remove an incorrect SQL statement.


  • Fixed select values in admin state search.
  • Added natural sorting for French 'arrondisements'.