• escape js value


  • escape user inputs


  • code refactoring according to (most) WordPress standards


  • add acfcs_upload_folder filter
  • improve code by making more 'smaller' functions
  • import preset countries from csv instead of php
  • remove some unnecessary hooks


  • fix version number


  • change default delimiter from `,` tot `;`.
  • change import sheet from `,` tot `;`.
  • fixed non-working max lines setting on import
  • added Japan and South Korea country files
  • extended Spain country file


  • messed up release with version numbers


  • added a fix for select2 in repeaters/flexible content blocks
  • added a fix for incorrect escaping which caused incorrect order for names starting with `'`
  • added new function as fallback for acfcs_get_country_name()
  • added China, New Zealand, Aruba and CuraƧao country files
  • removed flag assets from plugin
  • changed URLs to new website domain


  • added a new option: "state/provence + city" (for when a default country is set)
  • added a transient for cities per state
  • added new country packages on the website
  • added 3 new filters to override field labels
  • added a new filter to override showing of field labels
  • (re-)added a check for database version to prevent unnecessary table updates

Added a fix for the database not being created upon plugin activation.


  • Added a fix for non-returning transient on first (state) load
  • Admin output for countries is updated
  • Andorra and Luxembourg are removed as included countries
  • More available countries and combined country packages are added on the website


  • urgent fix for non-working city dropdown upon state change
  • added first 'empty' option for cities upon state change
  • fix broken sql query in search when no limit is set
  • improved styling for mobile admin pages
  • improve styling search form (admin)
  • load searched values on search form (admin)


  • added Andorra to included countries
  • added Australia to available country packages
  • added natsorting for cities
  • added transient for cities per country
  • preload all cities when a default country is set
  • preload all cities when a country is selected
  • merged populate dropdown functions
  • changed dropdowns (for line limits) to free user input

Forgot to change version numbers.


  • Optimize the loading of values in the dropdowns (states/cities), by making use of transients, instead of getting the info from the database on each change.
  • Added $wpdb->prepare to most queries.
  • The upload CSV option is styled a bit nicer.
  • Changed incorrect function call for deleting of transients.

Some clean up and refactoring.


  • Fixed an undefined index on the admin search page, when no criteria are used to search
  • Added isset checks for new values

Updated German translations.


  • fixed error in verification on preview page + added page back
  • added natural sorting for cities
  • added option to select which fields to use (all/country only/country + state/country + city)
  • added an info page with info for debug/support
  • added German translation